How To Choose The Best Care Facility For Your Aging Parent

Often, you may be forced to choose a care facility for your aging parent without much warning. It may feel like all of a sudden you're being asked to make a very complicated decision that will affect the rest of your parent's life.  When unexpected circumstances occur, it helps to have a guideline of questions that should be answered when choosing the best care facility for your aging parent. Following are some questions to ask along with considerations for each question.

1. Does your parent need 24-hour medical care?

If your mom has suffered some kind of recent traumatic event such as a heart attack or stroke or needs 24-hour medical care for another reason, you should be seeking a nursing home, a rehabilitation center, or a medical facility, as opposed to an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities and independent living facilities typically don't provide medical care on any kind of consistent basis.

2. Is your parent still living independently for the most part?

If your parent still manages to take care of themselves except for smaller things like laundry or making meals, an assisted living facility might provide a level of care in line with your parent's minimal needs. Assisted living facilities usually complement the kind of lifestyle that would allow your parent to continue to enjoy their independence.

3. Does the care facility cater to various dietary requirements?

Nutrition should be high on your list of priorities for your parent's move into a care facility. Your parent will be healthier with nutritious meals that meet the doctor's orders. Keep in mind that certain foods can interfere with the effectiveness of prescription medication, so before moving your parent into any care facility, be sure your parent will get personalized meals that fit with their needs.

4. What are the living arrangements?

Check to see if your parent can afford private accommodations, or if roommates are an option if your parent prefers it that way. Also, ask about the furnishings. Sometimes a parent will feel more comfortable if they are allowed to bring in their favorite chair or desk. Inquire about laundry and cleaning service. What cleaning tasks will your parent be asked to do?

In order to ensure the best possible match between your parent and a care facility, get answers to the questions above. This will help you to make a good decision in the least possible time.

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