Things You Need To Ask Caregivers At An Adult Day Care Center

Deciding on the right care for aging parents can be one of the hardest choices of your life. The truth is that elderly people, especially those who are facing illness, are usually best served when they have an adult day care center to attend during the day. These facilities are often designed for optimal care and comfort, and they provide a variety of activities to make the person's stay there pleasant. The manager of places you visit will often allow or even encourage you to chat with staff members. Try asking these questions of caregivers to get more of an insider's perspective on an adult day care center.

What happens when you think a patient may need non-emergency medical attention?

A caregiver who is working with the ill and elderly should be able to answer this question fairly quickly. They should know the specific policies that are in place for getting medical care to residents in need. Evaluate how well the policies would fit the needs your love one may have.

Do you ever eat the food here?

This question may make the caregiver laugh, but they are likely to then provide some honest insights about the menu. You may then ask them about how the adult day care facility may accommodate any special diet your parent may have. For example, if your parent is a vegetarian, it's important to ensure that the facility will have a varied menu that will be tasty and full of foods that meet their nutritional needs.

How are medications handled with each patient?

Some adult day care centers do allow residents to administer their own medications, while others are more closely managed. They should provide at least an option for helping patients manage their medications.

What are you supposed to do if you notice that a fellow caregiver is not properly tending to a patient's needs?

While different facilities will have different policies, the caregiver should have a clear answer and know exactly what to do in such a circumstance. A policy of reporting bad behaviors from care staff is important.

What do you wish you could change about life for the adults who come here?

Caregivers really experience how the day-to-day lives of these patients are for them. They know the nitty-gritty details and how the patients are treated when no visitors around. Listen to their candid response to this question. It may help you make your decision.

What do you think that the residents tend to like best about this place?

Caregivers tend to observe patients quite a lot, so they should be able to provide insights on what the elderly residents really enjoy. While your parent may prefer something else entirely than what is popular at the facility, it's good to know that the caregivers are paying attention and can talk at length about what the patients enjoy.

Finally, keep in mind that you are likely the best judge of what is right for your parent. You'll find that most adult day care centers are dedicated to providing quality care and the best possible experience for their patients. Your personal care and interest in their well-being will empower you to be their best advocate as you search for just the right adult day care center, like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living. These questions can help you along the way and reveal what you really need to know about the place.