What to Do When Your Elderly Parent Breaks Their Hip After a Fall Down the Stairs

If your elderly parent recently fell down the stairs in their home and broke their hip, it's time to take action. Once they have gone to the doctor and the fracture has been treated, you need to work with your parent to decide what will happen next. If they plan on staying in the home, then you need to make the home more appropriate, and you will also need to organize outside treatment. If they will no longer be living in the home, then you need to figure out where they will go.

They Will Be Staying in the Home

Retrofit the Stairs with a Lift

If your parent is going to stay in the home, then you need to deal with the stairs. Even when their hip has healed, they won't be able to comfortably walk up the stairs again. Also, you don't want to risk another fall. So have a stair lift installed. This will allow them to ride a small chair on a rail up to the second floor.

Short-Term Rehab

You can help them get back on their feet by arranging for a stay at a short-term rehab facility. This will allow them to have intensive guidance and help from expert rehabilitation specialists. They will learn how to move so that they don't endanger themselves by taking quick or awkward steps. Also, should they need to use a walker or cane, they will learn how to do this at the rehab facility.

They Will Be Leaving Their Home

If you and your parent no longer think it's safe or appropriate for them to live in their home, then you should investigate an independent or assisted-living facility. These are not quite as severe as nursing homes, and they don't sound as scary. Your parent can have their own apartment in the facility. These spaces provide easy access to medical professionals. They will also have on-site washing services so that they don't have to handle laundry or vacuuming. Additionally, they can take advantage of the dining room, and that eliminates the need for them to cook their own meals. These facilities will often have transport to take the residents into town to shop or see shows or other entertainment.   

If you find an independent living facility that also has an assisted-living wing, then your parent can easily transition from one area to the other when the time comes.