Independent Living: For the Active Senior Who Wants to Enjoy a Vibrant Community

As people get older, it becomes harder for them to go out of the home to socialize. Children grow up, and one might lose a spouse, so many people find that they are living alone after they once being surrounded by loved ones. While this independence is often enjoyed for a while, getting older can also be a lonely experience. Even when a person has people who visit, evenings can get long when one lives at home on their own. Independent living has been created for active seniors who don't need nursing-home care but want to enjoy living in a vibrant community of their peers.

Community Meals Provide Socialization

One of the biggest perks of living in assisted living are the hot meals that are provided. Residents eat in a family-style setting and usually have two entrées to choose from. Residents can also choose to eat meals in their apartment or prepare their own food. This gives residents a chance to meet others while having a good meal or to take a break once in a while and have a meal alone. Community meals provides the socialization many seniors are lacking in their daily lives. Socialization helps decrease depression and feelings of loneliness that occur when one is living alone.

Activities Are Structured and Varied

At an assisted-living facility, there's always someone around to talk to about the news, play cards with, or challenge to a board game. Beyond the basics, there are usually activities scheduled throughout the day, including off-site shopping trips so that residents can enjoy the community. There's always something to do for an activity, even if this means enjoying the company of others while watching a favorite TV show in a community room. Boredom is rare for those living in a vibrant senior community.

Independence Is Important

People who live in an assisted-living facility are usually quite independent. While they may need a little help once in awhile to remember medications or to tie a pair of shoes, most people don't require much assistance. The facility's goal is to promote independence as much as possible, creating a sense of purpose for those that live there. Once a resident is no longer able to care for their own basic needs, it's time for them to move to the more hands-on environment of a nursing home.

When you want the senior in your life to enjoy a fun, active community, it's time to consider an assisted-living facility such as Mari de Villa.