Tips For Buying Clothes For Your Loved One In A Senior Living Facility

If you have a loved one that is currently living in a senior living facility, he or she likely has a hard time shopping for clothing. Your loved one might be older and might not be as experienced with online shopping or might not have the technology to do so. He or she might be worried about putting his or her credit card information into a computer as well. Here are some tips for buying clothes for your loved one in a senior living facility.

1. Sit With Your Loved One While He or She Shops Online

Bring your laptop to the senior living facility, and sit with your loved one while he or she shops online. He or she can use your account or credit card and choose the clothing that he or she needs and then pay you back in cash or with a check. This will feel a lot more secure to your loved one because he or she will not have to put his or her credit card information into the computer. It is also very efficient because your loved one will know what clothes he or she likes and what he or she needs for the current season.

Try to do this with your loved one at least twice a year, once to make sure that he or she has all the cold weather clothes that he or she needs and once to ensure that he or she has all the warm weather clothing that he or she needs. If your loved one is comfortable with email, have him or her email you links to what he or she needs so you can buy it throughout the year without necessarily lugging your laptop to the facility.

2. Trend Warm

If you are buying clothing for your loved one, buy more warm clothes than cool clothes and get a lot of clothing that he or she can layer. This is because older people tend to get cold more easily due to loss of red blood cells and other medical conditions. This will allow you to make sure that the clothes that you get for your loved one are of maximum use.

3. Get Underwear Unprompted

Your loved one might be embarrassed to order underwear in front of you or ask you to buy him or her underwear. Every six months, order your loved one a week's worth of underwear. Look at the sizes and styles that he or she currently has, and get underwear that matches those styles. This will spare your loved one the embarrassment of asking you and ensure that he or she is wearing underwear that is in good repair. Continue buying until your loved one has 2 weeks of clean underwear.

For more information, talk to the senior living facility.