Tips For Buying Clothes For Your Loved One In A Senior Living Facility

If you have a loved one that is currently living in a senior living facility, he or she likely has a hard time shopping for clothing. Your loved one might be older and might not be as experienced with online shopping or might not have the technology to do so. He or she might be worried about putting his or her credit card information into a computer as well. Here are some tips for buying clothes for your loved one in a senior living facility. Read More 

Independent Living: For the Active Senior Who Wants to Enjoy a Vibrant Community

As people get older, it becomes harder for them to go out of the home to socialize. Children grow up, and one might lose a spouse, so many people find that they are living alone after they once being surrounded by loved ones. While this independence is often enjoyed for a while, getting older can also be a lonely experience. Even when a person has people who visit, evenings can get long when one lives at home on their own. Read More 

Three Things To Understand About Medicaid For Long-Term Nursing Home Care

If you are a senior in need of long-term nursing home care, your Medicare insurance is not likely to cover it. The good news is that if you cannot afford to pay for nursing home care, there is a chance you may qualify for Medicaid. The following are a few things to understand about Medicaid coverage. You must meet certain income standards Unlike Medicare, Medicaid was designed to be a welfare program to help the poor in need of health care; for this reason, there are income limits. Read More 

What You Should Do If Your Parent Shows Signs of Dementia and Takes Prescription Medication

One of the most difficult things to face in life is when you realize that a parent is not able to function normally due to confusion and memory loss. While it can be disheartening to you that they cannot remember the simplest things, like their favorite nickname for you when you were a child, it can be downright terrifying when they don't remember when—or if—they last took a dosage of their prescription medication. Read More 

How to Make Your Aging Senior’s Bathroom More Safe

As your loved ones age, they may prefer to remain in their own home, where they are comfortable and are surrounded by familiar scenery, and they may not want to move to an assisted-living home. When you are not able to provide your loved one the safety and attention they can have in an assisted-living home, you can use these tips to help you convert your aging senior's bathroom. Convert the Toilet Read More